Still life botttles large

Still life vase, large

Still life vase

Still life terracotta pots, large

Still life terracotta pots

Still life crab apples, large

Still life crab apples

Still life autumn leaf

Still life leaves, large

Still life lobster, large

Still life lobster

Still life seed heads, large

Still life seed heads

Still life garden pots

Still life mussels

Walk Walk St Ives

Map Walk May Hill

Map Walk Cancale

Map Walk Purbeck

Three shells

Lobster and Razor Clam

Four small shells

Detail of Venice

Pebbles 1

Pebbles 2

Pebbles blue and purple

Pebbles blue and orange

White Orchids_edited

Sunflowers 2

Sunflowers 1

Iris on canvas

Purple Poppy small

Red Rose small

Dried Seed Heads

Body Language

Vermeer copy

Blue Landscape

Lawsons Clump diptych

Purton Boat Graveyard #1

Purton Boat Graveyard #2

Purton Quadriptych

Purton Panorama

Leckhampton Birches


Leckhampton Tree

Birch and Conifers

My work has tended to develop in thematic series as I try to explore a number of different subjects in some depth. These series have included studies on woodland in both Gloucestershire and Dorset, the 'Ship's Graveyard' on the River Severn, close-ups of flowers and pebbles and records of walks I have taken, with collected objects over torn maps.

I have recently finished a set of still lives, with an emphasis on viewpoint or visual impact, which were exhibited during Purbeck Art Weeks in May and June 2018. Most of these have two versions, one A4 in size and the other A2.









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