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Arne triptych in progress 2
Arne triptych in progress
Arne triptych underpainting
Arne triptych
Arne, Shipstal path
Arne, Silver Birch trunk
Arne, emerging fern
Arne, Rowan coppice
Arne, Scots Pine
Arne, three birches in sunlight
Arne, three birches
Arne, sunlight through oaks
Arne, view of Middlebere
Arne, catkins in the car park
Arne, misty winter morning
Arne, decaying birch branch
Arne, oak leaves
Arne autumn leaves
Twisted trees
Sunlight through trees
Arne, view of Corfe Castle
Arne, gorse and pines
Arne, Pine tree and sunset
Arne from Raptor Hide
Arne from Shipstal hide
Arne Pines completed
Arne Seed Heads
Arne pool reflection
Arne panorama on wood II
Arne fir trees
Arne grasses
Arne, Chestnut trunk
Arne, fir branch
Arne post
Arne, Thorn bush
Arne, birch trees
Arne, fir cone

One of my recent projects was to sketch images of the RSPB reserve at Arne throughout the year, to record the variety of habitats there, as well as to show the changing seasons. I added to these during Purbeck Art Weeks in May and June, while I was one of the resident artists on site.

A selection of this work was on display at Arne in the cafe in August and September of 2017.

The latest photographs show me starting a large triptych of Middlebere Channel, based on sketches done during PAW 2018


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